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About me

Hello, my name is Susanne. I am German and live in Italy near the adriatic coast together with my three cats Buttercup, Coccolina and Puffo.
I like to spend my free time quilting and crafting, reading or, weather permitting, trying to grow some plants and vegetables in my garden.

That's me - the day of the Italy-Germany match during the last soccer world championships.

This is Buttercup sleeping on a cozy quilt on the couch.

Coccolina is enjoying the view from a vantage point in her little garden house.

and Puffo is lazily (he's good at that) lying in his favourite catbed. I have to admit though, that he shows extraordinary commitment when it comes to patroling his garden and defending it against potential intruders.

Working full time and spending time with friends, I unfortunately don't have much time left for my different projects, be them quilting, crafting or gardening. I can therefore only wholeheartedly agree with the saying "a clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine". Luckily my sewing machine doesn't break down often.