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Friday, July 5, 2013

How to make a neckholder glassbag

How annoying is it to never know which one was your glass during parties or outdoor events? Plus I don't really like to drink from paper or plastic cups (apart from all the trash that piles up), drinks simply taste better from real cups, especially if it's wine or cocktails. Only that then you end up either carrying that glass around all the time or leaving it to be mixed up with the others.

Here's the solution: a little carry-around-your-neck glas holder

They're quick to make (it took me a mere 20 minutes with taking pictures and everything), they're cute and they're a great gift for your guests when for example hosting a standing garden party.

What you need:
a little bit more than 1/2 a fat quarter.
If you want to make more get several fat quarters and mix and match the fabric for the bag and binding.

I designed mine to fit these three glas types in order to be flexible:

A good height for all three glasses is 13cm, that's slightly under the rim of the straight glas and a little bit lower for the other two. The circumference of the biggest glass (upper part of Coke glas) is 25cm.

Therefore I cut one strip measuring 36 x 16.5 cm. That's because the strip will be folded over to create a bag (38/2=18cm) The hem on both ends will use 2cm per side leaving a length of 16 cm. With the round bottom of the glass having a diameter of 6cm, the bottom uses another 3cm per side leaving the finished side length at 13cm.

Start by folding the raw edge of the short side of the rectangle over twice creating a hem measuring roughly 1 cm and hiding the raw edge inside the folds. Sew in place.

Prepare the hem this way on both short sides.
Then prepare the strip for the binding and neckholder. Cut 4cm wide strips that total about 110cm.
If you have several shorter strips join them as shown below.

Place the ends of two strips right side to ride side with one strip perpendicular to the other and sew diagonally through the tip. Cut away excess seam allowance. This is the same process as preparing binding, for more detailled information have a look at this tutorial).

Prepare the strip by ironing the seam allowance on both long sides towards the inside of the strip.

Then iron the strip in half lengthwise.

To finish the bag, fold the seamallowance at the end of the binding strip towards the wrong side, wrap the binding around the bottom edge of one side of the bag and pin in place. Pin the binding along that side of the bag, enclosing both sides of the bag inside the binding up to the top. Do the same at the other open side of the bag wrapping it into the other end of the binding making sure that the long strip is not tangled or twisted where it forms the handle.

The picture above shows the bag with the binding pinned in place forming a long neckholder on the top.
Sew the binding in place starting in one corner and sewing all the way around the strip, joining it to the bag and closing it on the neckholder part.

        Now fill your glass, place it
        in your neckholder
        glassbag and enjoy the

Have you made a project following this tutorial? Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Was it easy to understand and to follow? Do you have any suggestions?
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