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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fabric covered picture frame

Today I went to Cucilandia Bologna's summer party. There was ice cream for everybody and a short class was offered where we covered a picture frame with fabric.
Here is my frame:

A simple and inexpensive gift that will surely be a success!

All you need is a simple picture frame of the chosen size and a piece of fabric a little bit bigger than the frame (big enough to be wrapped around the back of the frame up to the edge where the ridge that will hold the picture begins).
Place the frame on the wrong side of the fabric and trace the inner and outer outline of the frame onto the fabric. Trace the two inner diagonals (white lines in the picture below). With scissors cut in the center of the fabric square and carefully cut along the traced diagonals just before the edge of the frame.

Brush glue onto the front of the frame (if you have varnished frames treat them lightly with emery paper as the glue will not stick to the varnish before adding the glue) and place the front of the frame on the wrong side of the fabric into the lines traced earlier. Wait for glue to dry.
Turn the frame around and glue the inner triangles to the inner sides of the frame as well as onto the thinner ridge that will hold the picture. Cut away excess fabric.
Then first wrap the four angles around the corners of the frame covering only the larger part just up to where the ridge holding the picture begins. Cut away excess fabric and glue into place.
To finish wrap the sides over the outside and back of the frame, making neat corners in the angles and glue into place arriving just to the point where the fabric meets the inner ridge that is already covered with fabric from the inside.

Insert the glass and the picture as well as the cardboard back.

You're done, good job!