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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Cat Block Design

I have designed my own blocks before and combined them into my own quilts, but today I designed a block so I could sell it online.
I have actually sewn it and I have prepared a pdf-file with instructions and the foundation pattern. There's the foundation I used for the block below with pieced eyes and there is the option to add the eyes later using applique or embroidery - you decide.
I have sewn Coccolina and I will create more blocks, because obviously I need to make Buttercup and Puffo, too. That's the nice thing about the block, adjusting the colours of the fabrics you can make any cat you want.

The block is on sale on craftsy and I'm sooo curious to see what will happen... should you make the block, please publish a picture on craftsy so I can have a look!

I am excited!!