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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to make a kitchen glove

The kitchen glove is a nice and simple gift to make for your loved ones, especially if you make a set with the potholder (for tutorial see here).

To make the glove you will need:

Outside fabric
Inside fabric

Start by tracing the template on both fabrics and the batting. Place your fabric flat on the table and the template on top, then mark the outline of the template on your fabric. Don't worry what you trace with, the lines will be at the edges of the fabrics inside the glove later.
Now flip the template over, place it on the fabric and trace a second, mirrored, outline. Do that on both fabrics and the batting.

Cut all 6 pieces with your fabric scissors following the outlines you have traced. Divide the pieces into the two sides of the glove and place the inside fabric right side down on the table, the batting right on top of it and last the outside fabric right side up on top of the batting.

Now we need to quilt the three layers together. To do that first pin the layers together in several places so that the fabrics are held in place.

Then start to sew a straight line diagonally across the glove somewhere in the middle. When you start in the middle, excess fabric will be distributed outward from this point on, if you start on one side, all differences between the layers will show on one side only.

Now keep on sewing parallel lines onto the glove. The easiest way to do that is to use the edge guide. Adjust it to the distance you would like the lines to be from each other and keep on sewing straight lines keeping the edge guide on the previous seam.

Keep on sewing lines until the first half of the glove is covered. Then turn the glove in order to continue sewing lines on the other side of the glove. 

When finished, quilt the other side of the glove in the same way.
When both sides are finished, clean the edges, cutting off excess fabric and batting. 

 Then place the two halves of the glove onto each other, right sides inside and pin together.

Sew the two halves together, starting from the lower edge of the side where the thumb is, all the way around the glove, leaving the last cm, the last 1/2 of an inch, on the outer side, where there is no thumb, and the bottom, open (you will need the small space on the outer side to fix the binding and close it later). 

You can sew with a regular sewing machine, but it is advisable to finish the edges off with a zigzag-stitch in order to protect them during later use. I have used the serger as it sews while cleaning and closing the edges in the same step.

When you have sewn the two halves together as explained above, turn the glove inside out. Now the outside fabric will be facing out.

Now all that's left to do is the binding. Cut a 6.2cm / 2 1/2 inch strip about 10cm / 4in longer than the circumference of the opening at the bottom of the glove. For a double binding iron the strip in half lengthwise, right side facing out, then iron 0.6cm / 1/4in of seamallowance on the rough edges to the inside.
Your strip should as shown below.

For more information on how to prepare the strip for double binding have a look at my quilt-binding tutorial.
When the strip is ready, pin it to the glove as shown in a.m. tutorial, starting from on of the loose edges where you left the opening on the outer side (no thumb) of the glove. Fix the binding all the way around, and, when you reach the other end of the glove, make a hanger as shown below:

Leave the binding a little longer than the side of the glove and stitch the binding closed on the open bottom from where the glove ends to the end of the strip with your sewing machin. Now turn the strip back onto itself to create a loop at the edge of the glove. Make the loop the size you think right, turn it back on itself and fix it in place with a pin for sewing, crossing the binding on the inside of the glove as you see in the picture below.

 Sew the binding in place all the way around the glove.

Now turn the lower part of the glove inside out and clean the string (the end of loop) where it is sewn onto the binding.
Then sew the last opening on the side of the glove where you finished attaching the binding closed, making sure the loop is turned towards the outside. In order to avoid unnecessary bulk, turn the loop upwards before sewing. Your finished binding should look like this:

So here's your finished kitchen glove. To complete the set go to the tutorial for the matching potholder.

And here's what I had to put with while making this kitchen glove: Buttercup and Puffo just had to help.
Buttercup tested the batting,

while Puffo checked if the quilt sandwich had been prepared correctly.

Have you made a project following this tutorial? Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Was it easy to understand and to follow? Do you have any suggestions?
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