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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to make a potholder

Now here's the tutorial for the potholder that completes the set with the kitchen glove.

To make the potholder you need:

cotton fabric (if you want to make the set, the same fabric as the outside of the glove)
batting (the thicker the batting, the harder it will be to work with, but the better it will protect from heat)

Getting started:

Cut two 20cm/8in squares from the fabric and one square from the batting. Place one fabric square right side down onto the table, place the batting on top of it and the second fabric square right side up on top of the batting.

Make sure all sides are well aligned and pin the three layers together.

Now quilt the three layers together sewing diagonal lines starting from somewhere in the middle of the potholder.

In order to sew parallel lines use a presser foot and edge guide. Put the guide on the distance to the needle that you want your lines to be from one another and keep on sewing line after line. When you finish the first half of the potholder, turn it around in order to quilt the other half.

When you're finished quilting the potholder you're half way through the process. Now what remains to be done is to bind the piece.
Cut a 5,2cm / 2 1/2 in strip about 10 cm/4in longer than the circumference of the potholder. Iron the strip in half lenghtwise and then iron 1/4 of an inch sewing allowance on the rough edge of the strip towards to binding. for more detailled instructions on how to iron the double binding, have a look at my machine binding tutorial.

When the strip is ready, start pinning it to the potholder as described in a.m. tutorial, beginning, in this case, from one of the angles.

Start right from the angle, pin the binding in place all the way around the potholder and use the excess binding at the end (right at the angle where you started pinning the binding in place) to make a hanger.

Let the binding stick out over the edge of the potholder.

Sew the lower, open, edges of the binding together from the edge of the potholder to the end of the strip.

Then turn the binding back onto itself and form a loop as shown below.

Cut then end of the strip to size and place it under the binding close to the edge of the potholder.
Now sew all the binding in place as shown in the binding tutorial.

And here's you're finished potholder.

Doesn't it look cute as a set together with the matching kitchen glove?

Have you made a project following this tutorial? Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Was it easy to understand and to follow? Do you have any suggestions?
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