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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to turn a small coffee table into an upholstered stool

I got the idea for this project last tuesday in the office. Eventhough it is rather cold for the season (just above 20°C), in the afternoon the weather was really humid and oppressing and I felt like putting my feet up under my desk while working. For the moment I improvised by placing a cushion I kept in the office after I broke my arm in march onto the dustbin, but that's obviously far from perfect. And then I remembered that second coffee table I had in the living room that was always in the way. I ordered myself a tacker that arrived only three days later and started to transform the coffee table into an upholstered stool.


Simple Coffee table (mine is of the 5€ a piece variety)
Polyester batting
Tacker and staples

First I measured the table and prepared several layers of batting. The first layer of batting covers the whole table, every following layer is a little bit smaller than the one before. Like that the stool is soft and comfortable and the center is more stuffed than the sides, giving the top of the stool a rounded shape.

Then I cut another, final piece of batting about 15cm longer and wider than the width of the table plus the side of the table area (it has to cover all the layers of batting that are already in place, too). Last I cut the fabric, adding another appr. 10cm per side in comparison to the final layers of batting.
I placed the two final layers on the floow and the upturned table with all the layers of batting on top.

I folded the fabric over onto itself in order to create e hem.

Then I folded excess fabric (with the folded hem) and batting over wrapping it around the top of the table and stapled it in place first on one side, then on the opposite side (make sure it is fairly tight to create a nice tension on the finished cushion) and finally on the remaining two sides, wrapping the fabric nicely around the corners and legs of the table.

This whole project didn't even take two hours to complete.

I am more than happy with the outcome. I don't even feel like hiding it under my desk in the office and will probably find a place for it at home.

 Have you made a project following this tutorial? Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Was it easy to understand and to follow? Do you have any suggestions?
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