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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to make a quilted Phone Sheath

I needed something to protect my Blackberry from being all scratched while being carried around in my purse and so I decided to prepare a simple quilted sheath.

It is easy and quick to prepare and serves its purpose well.

You will need four pieces of fabric and two of thin batting that are a little bigger than your phone.

 Place the batting on the table, put the first piece of fabric right side up onto the batting and the second piece of fabric right side down onto the first piece. Align the pieces and sew around the upper curve. About 1 inch of one longer side then around the shorter side and another inch on the following long side.

 When done turn the fabric over so that the batting is inside and the two fabrics are right side out. Quilt the piece in long horizontal lines or any other way you like and put it aside to prepare a second, identical piece.

Lay the pieces on the table and place your phone in between. Make sure the closed parts are aligned with the top of the phone where the opening will be and pin them together with the phone fit in between. When done take the phone out and sew the three sides together where you pinned them together.

When done cut excess fabric along the three sides that have been sewn together away and turn the sheath inside out.

And here's your custom fit quilted phone sheath:

Have you made a project following this tutorial? Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Was it easy to understand and to follow? Do you have any suggestions?
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